Linear Guides / Linear Modules

LinMot linear guides are compact guide units for linear motors.

The guides are used to guide the load, to support external forces, torques, and bending moments, and simultaneously as anti-rotation devices. They provide high-precision guidance and allow the load to be dynamically and precisely positioned.

The load is mounted directly on the front plate of the linear guide. The mechanical dimensions and installation options are compatible with pneumatic H-guides. The modular design of the guides allows easy installation of accessories, such as a mechanical brake or a MagSpring magnetic spring for balancing the load in vertical applications.

LinMot offers two basic types of guides, the H-guide and the bridge guide B, which includes an additional end plate on the back. LinMot also offers a stainless steel linear guide as a variant of the H-guides.

If a complete drive solution is required, LinMot offers ready-made linear modules. These consist of linear guides and permanently integrated LinMot stators and optionally built-in “magnetic springs” MagSpring and a pneumatic holding brake.

Carefully engineered shafts guided by linear ball bearings ensure precise linear motion. Improvements in material and design allow the drive unit to achieve a higher bending stiffness while maintaining a light moving mass. The «Plug and Play» technology available within these guided motors makes drive commissioning quick and simple.

Product benefits

Complete linear or bridge modules, consisting of a guide and a linear motor, are highly dynamic design elements. Their compact design and ability to be positioned freely provide substantial benefits, particularly in textile and packaging machines, assembly and feeding systems, laboratory automation, and specialty machine and systems design.

Ball bushings

For standard applications and under normal environmental conditions, the use of linear guides with ball bushings is recommended.

Linear guides with ball bushings have very good running characteristics and ensure nearly friction-free operation.

Sintered sleeve bearings

For applications in very dirty, damp, or wet environments, the use of linear guides with sleeve bearing and rustproof shafts is recommended. The use of bridge guides with sleeve bearings is also recommended for highly dynamic applications with accelerations above 50 m/s2.

Brake option

As an option, a mechanical brake can be mounted on the H or B01-37 and H or B01-48 guides.

The pneumatic brake is actuated by the servo drive. The brake acts on the guide rod of the linear guide and is released by means of compressed air (4-6 bar). The brake is active if there is no compressed air supply.

Hygienic Design

Due to the choice of material and construction details the stainless steel guide H01-SSC is designed optimally to handle the use of aggressive liquids and foam cleaners, which is common in the pharmaceutical or food industry.

The design is characterized by its conveniently rounded surfaces, which make it easier to clean. A channel in the guide blocks also makes the slider completely flushable.

MagSpring option

In applications with vertical orientation, a MagSpring can be used as a weight balancer.

The MagSpring also prevents the linear motor from falling down to the bottom stop when switched off or in case of power loss. Corresponding accessories are available for mounting the magnetic spring.

Mechanical compatibility

LinMot guides are mechanically compatible with pneumatic H-guides.

This allows simple replacement of the drive technology, if greater flexibility or dynamics are required.

Fan option

With an additional fan, the continuous force of the linear motor can be nearly doubled.

The optional fan can be mounted directly on the guide.

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